About the GuestHouse

The roman empire guesthouse is a new structure located in the oldest part of Rome, facing the Coliseum and the Imperial Forum, in the first neighborhood of Rome (Rione Monti).


Rione Monti stand today where it was The Suburra (sub city); this area, squeezed between the Forum and the seven hills, was the place of the common people, while the noble used to live up on the Imperal Hill (Palatino), just behind the Coliseum. In the ancient time, here you would have been able to find people from all the empire. Moreover, every emperor did his best to became unforgettable by adding his personal touch to the area. That is why nowadays we can enjoy the Colossuem, the Traiano's column or the Domus Aurea, (Nerone’s home)...all of which are just one minute away by walk.


Besides the great surroundings our location has also an excellent connection to the metro system and the main train station Termini and we offer a pickup service and any help you may need to make you experience unique and gorgeous as it must be in the most beautiful city of the world!


"When in Rome, do as the Romans do...." and no place will make you feel Romans as well as The Roman Empire Guesthouse. Actually, there is other accommodation for falling in love forever with Rome...check the website: www.bbwheninrome.com